Your Financial Statements: What Stories Do They Tell?-Creating and Reading Your Financial Reports as Your Stories™

What does all my financial data tell me? How can my financial statements help me to raise funds and run our mission more effectively and efficiently? Numbers are languages -- they tell stories, but do you understand them? Nonprofit executives who understand the numeric language are more apt to be successful in managing their organization. Join us for a look into financial statements from a plain English perspective: How do I read my financial statements and what stories do they tell?

Walk away with:

  • A sense of relief, “Oh, it is that simple!” because you learned the context of the financial statements, rather than the raw content.
  • An understanding of how to read financials from the 3000 feet above, big picture view.
  • Knowledge of “the three key ratios” that help determines the success of your organization.
  • The ability to contextualize financial numbers to illuminate your business opportunities and decisions.
  • Understand the common struggles such as having different numbers than your colleagues, and find the solutions.
  • Using cloud based technology to streamline your operations.
  • Creating your integrated report as a holistic story of you and your mission.

In short, you’ll gain confidence in using financial statements and 21 century technology as a critical management tool.

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Multi-Project Financial Management

Do you scramble in generating grant and project reports? Do program staff and financial staff often speak different languages when it comes to financial management and reporting? There may be a gap between your program management and financial tracking.

To generate meaningful reports you must implement systems that are comprehensive (includes financial and program goals) and is lasting (approved by both your organization and CPAs/Auditors). Designed for executives, program managers, finance and operation directors, this workshop will walk you through financial tracking methods and tools so you can:

  • Learn how to design your chart of accounts collaboratively between program, grant, and accounting staff to bridge the gap permanently
  • Implement an easy to follow operational manual that defines the financial and operational management process, including a check list to ensure each step is completed on time.
  • Utilize a simple cover sheet to properly code all of your financial transactions to ensure staff are inputting the right information, the first time, every time.
  • Create reports that are reliable, easy to understand, are accurate, help with decision making, and are timely.
  • Create a system that ensures financial and program staff work together, speak the same language, and generate reports that are helpful to each party.

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Managing Your Mobile, Global, Digital, Open Workforce™

Some of your work now can be done at anywhere and any time through any device.  An open, mobile, and global workforce is quickly replacing the traditional position based, location bound, and office centric work. How do you take advantage todays’ technology enabled global workforce and marketplace? Structure, cultures, policies, procedures and systems that enable, reward, and hold accountable of this work force is one critical success factor.

At this training, we will dive into: 

1.The best practices by businesses and organizations.

2. The tools available in the market place.

3. What part of your work can be easily sourced to the global open workforce?

4. How can you manage your global open workforce effectively and efficiently?

5. How can you create an entire new business model to take advantage of the full breath of today’s global open workforce?

Creating and Developing Your Open, Global, Networked Organization™

Today’s organizations with a small nimble core team of less then 10 people can make a great global impact quickly. How did they accomplish that? These organizations are connected with different layers of stakeholders, communities, fans, and the society at large with highly today’s connected technology and democratic platforms. How we structure this organization that can operate powerfully, smoothly, creatively is the key to the success of this kind of organization. In this training, we will explore

  1. Best practices by industry leaders in different industries and sectors
  2. How they accomplish inspiring, courageous, bold, and seemly impossible visions in a short period of time at such a large scale.
  3. How they create democratic, open, crowd sourcing culture, interface, platform, and structure.
  4. How you can transform your operation, make a great impact, faster, and in a larger stage.

Proactive Ongoing Auditing Process™

Entrepreneurs voiced their frustration with the disruption and cost related financial audit, IRS tax audit, State Employment Audit etc. Fortunately today’s cloud based technology enables us to build systems with integrity and monitor our operations ongoing with pre-build monitoring indicators. The system alerts for attention when these indicators are triggered. This system will allow one system, one ongoing audit for all parties, including management, regulation bodies, tax authorities, and AICPA peer review or Practice Quality Monitoring Program. This audit services is offered to all our clients as a proactive audit vs reactive audit. It is why we are confident with our “Audit Protection Service™”

Our all inclusive one package peace of mind “Blanket Audit Protection Guarantee™” give you the peace of mind that no matter what audits, be the IRS audit, EDD audit, State tax audit, we will take care of it, completely, without any additional expenses for you. We able to do that because of our impeccable record keeping system, and proactive auditing service 

In this training, you will go behind the scene to understand how we

  1. Design our internal controls using the cutting edge technologies;
  2. Create indicators that triggers alerts for potential risks;
  3. How we dive in with human intervene when indicators are triggered;
  4. How we create a proactive audit report with supporting documents ready for normal business use and various potential audits.

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