Our Unique Processes

9 Steps to Clarity and Ease™

Step 1 - Strategic planning: get clear about where your want to go and develop strategies and plans to get there.  We will listen to each member of the organization to understand the organization’s strategic intention and vision. 

Step 2 - Business planning: we work with you to create a detailed plan including business models, marketing plans, human resources, and creating budgeting and financial plans.

Step 3 - Operation process planning: this is where we get into the details of operation process, roles and responsibilities; reports need and check lists etc. We will flowchart the current operation process and propose an optimized process using technologies.

Step 4 - System design: with the foundation of the previous three steps of work, we now have the context for designing the system to satisfy each person’s need for creating, tracking, and adjusting your business. We will design the chart of accounts and reports for each stakeholder.

Step 5 - Tool selection: with our operation process, reporting designs, and chart of accounts in place, we now know what we need and we can start to look at the tools that is available for us to implement our system.

Step 6 - System implementation: once we have chosen the software we can implement our chart of accounts, reports, budgets, and beginning balances in the software and applications.

Step 7 - Training and learning: the people who are going to operate the business and system have been involved in every step of the process so far, so they have a context for using the system. This makes learning to use the system bliss. We promise every person in your organization will be able to learn to enter data, upload documents, and generate reports with confidence and ease with a little proactive training and on going support.

Step 8 - On going support/collaborative partnership: once we have implemented the system with you, trained your staff, and get clear about each person’s roles and responsibilities. We will be here at your access for questions, support, reconciliations, ongoing monitoring and auditing, and formal report preparations, tax filing, board meeting presentations and business advisories.  We will perform all work necessary at our end and in partnership with you to ensure all daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly routines are completed on time with impeccability. We will make sure all bills are paid, payroll processed and payroll tax file, and cash received on time and with proper timely approval and communications, cash flow is forecasted, and customized reports are delivered to intended users in real time or pre-set tines based on user preferences.

Step 9 - Continuous creation: with a solid system, at every moment, you know exactly where you are and you have a peace of mind, power, and freedom to evaluate opportunities, and continuously creating your future. We are with you every step to listen to your dreams as they grow along with you and your business.

Proactive Ongoing Auditing Process™ 

Traditional auditing process focuses on evidence gathering, sampling, and testing at the year-end. It also involves in a stressful year-end closing and report preparation. It is stressful and time consuming for both the internal accountants and the external Auditors. Our creative solution to this problem is our unique Monthly Auditing Process™ where we focused on creating, implement, monitoring, and testing internal controls on a monthly basis. With a reliable internal control environment and a strong cultural environment, we can significantly reduce audit risk and thus have a greater confidence in the organization’s financial statements, reducing the need for sampling and testing. Thus eliminated the entire year-end frenzy / procrastination.

Networked Organization™

Today’s organization is a small nimble core team of less then 10 people connected with different layers of stakeholders, communities, fans, and the society at large with highly connected technology. How we structure this organization that can operate powerfully, smoothly, creatively is the key to the success of this kind of organization. This kind of organizations structures based on the following key component:

  1. An inspiring, courageous, bold, daring vision for something seemingly impossible.
  2. A democratic, open, crowd sourcing culture, interface, platform, structure. 

Structure for a Global Open Workforce™

An open, mobile, and global workforce is quickly replacing the traditional position based, location bound, and office centric work. Structure, cultures, and policies, procedures and systems that enable, reward, and hold accountable of this work force is one critical success factor.

Your Full Potential Plan

To develop to your full potential, it is important that you take some time daily to relax and focus such as practicing meditation and exercise, and take time off at least once a quarter to relax, reflect, complete the past, and create the future. Your Full Potential Plan continues to examine what is your passion, talent, and the demand in the market, and how you can strategize your investment and business, systemize your operation, and collaborate with your partners.

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