CPA Review with Apprenticeship

We integrate CPA review with apprenticeship to make sense of the concepts with real life practicalities and to make the CPA review process a true skill and confidence development process for your career development.

Our CPA reviews are led by practicing CPAs who are industry leaders and passionate about mentoring young leaders.

Our Unique Approaches:

Our CPA reviews are contextual, conceptual, and down to the reality.

By contextual, we mean, we put a matter in a context to make it easy to understand. For an example, what is the cash flow statement? We contextualize it as “cash based income statement” and further view it as “a reconciliation from accrue based income statement to cash based income statement.” For another example, what is capital lease? It is sales plus financing. 

By conceptual, we mean, we simplify complex issue with very simple, easy to understand processes. For example, when you calculated the diluted EPS, you look at it as if you are calculating the density of sugar water, the denominator is water/shares; the numerator is sugar/dividends. It is about adding and reducing water/shares, and adding and reducing sugar/dividends.

By down to reality, we mean, everything we learned, will be applied to real life projects, businesses, and entrepreneurial opportunities. For example, when you learn hedging, you think of how you can manage risk or speculate for gain. 

These three thinking tools will help you solve all the accounting issues and pass the CPA exam with flying colors.


Our Unique Study and Work Group

We meet on video meeting room to study and discuss with each other and the leader. You can mute / unmute, turn on / off your videos during your study to fit your individual / group participation. You can meet the leader and your fellow learners physically or virtually.

We meet every Monday to Friday from 5PM to 8PM Pacific Time. We are focusing on Financial Reporting in March, Regulation in April, Auditing in May, and Business in June. We use Gleim books and systems. Price includes books and systems:

All four parts: $2,000

Each part: $800


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