Apprenticeship and Internship Opportunities

Apprenticeship and Internship Opportunities and “Employer Partnership Education” and “Curriculum Practice Training.”

We are committed in developing our young generation professionals and leaders. We see a gap between academic education and practical skills and are committed to bridging the gap by providing students with internship, apprenticeship, and “Employer Partnership Education” in partnership with universities. We work with Universities to assist professors to develop and deliver curriculums that develop students’ relevant practical skills in today’s technological and global environment. The “Employer Partnership Education” curriculums incorporate internship and apprenticeship in the curriculum and graduation requirement. Students earn credits through internship, apprenticeship, and “Curriculum Practice Training.” 

We are proud of our partnership with the following universities:



We continue to take leadership in inspiring business leaders to develop partnerships with universities throughout the world for further our goal to integrate consciousness and business - academic cooperation into university educational systems around the world.

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