A Leading Provider of High Value Business Services with Personalized, Fundamental, Comprehensive, and Lasting Solutions in Today’s Global, Digital World

unique, proactive, and systematic approaches to...

  • Strategic visioning and planning as a context for accounting system design to create the “story” of your business.
  • Financial planning and management, including audit and tax services that are proactive, strategic, and systematic.
  • Risk assessment and management, based on data-backed insight, with the foundation of integrity in system design and implementation.

We’re in the business of helping companies experience double-digit year over year growth by leveraging our proprietary proactive accounting, auditing, tax and financial planning services. At the heart of it, is creating and upholding integrity in systems and teams for sustainable operation.

Our unique processes:

We focus on providing fundamental, comprehensive, and lasting solutions. For example, instead of creating a chart of account quickly, we start with understanding your business, and then mapping your value stream processes and activities, and then design the chart of accounts to tell your story.

Integrated marketing, CRM, accounting, and business specific operation systems development
Collaboration and innovation is the key to sustainable development of your business. Collaboration has to be both internally between all functions and teams, and externally with all your customers and vendors. HZ CPAs & Advisors takes a holistic approach where we first spend time listening to you and your team to understand and flow-chart your entire value creation stream, and identify each activity of your marketing, customer acquisition, service delivery, and back office support process. We then develop the system with you in a process of feedback and improvement. Only after this strategic, thinking-through process, we then start to look at softwares and implementation strategies. Finally, we implement the system in softwares, and monitor and improve the systems over time.

Proactive audit
HZ CPAs & Advisors' unique Proactive Audit™ develops system integrity while generating reliable and timely audited financial statements. Internal controls are designed using the cloud, with sufficient segregation of duties and fraud prevention solutions, and are monitored throughout the fiscal year.

The result: an auditing and tax preparation process that is a year-long commitment to review, celebration and continuous improvement.

Holistic and proactive planning and system design for businesses
HZ CPAs & Advisors offers organizational assessment and planning processes that focus on all aspects of the business, including leadership, human and financial resources, systems and procedures for operations, and strategic planning.

The result: a harmonious integration of all functions within the organization to enable the highest possible achievement.

Holistic and proactive financial and tax planning for businesses and their families in today’s global, digital world
HZ CPAs & Advisors conducts comprehensive financial planning for the future, including tax planning, that recognizes the need for identifying the personal values and hopes of the individual, creating goals and developing an investment and business strategy that meets and exceeds those goals. We first listen to you and take into consideration of all your wants and constraints carefully. We then come from a place of freedom and possibility to explore your personalized solution, without the constraints of geography and jurisdictions.

The result: personally fulfilling and socially responsible wealth achievement that enables a much higher quality of life, peace of mind, optimism for the future, freedom and power, and a sense of community participation and leadership as a global citizen in today’s global, digital world.

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You, are an entrepreneur passionate about and uniquely talented in what you are upto and are committed to building a self-maneging business through innovation, technology, systems and champion teams.


are highly skilled financial executives who are passionate about and committed to your success with our strategic, and technical experiences.


Our mission is to support you to fulfill your vision for self-expression, abundance and freedom.


We fulfill our mission through proactive and strategic planning, and developing integrity in systems using unique processes, cutting edge technology and a global team of talented professionals.


Our BOOST™ services are a suite of unique processes and services that support you proactively at different stages of your growth.

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